These level sets include a great variety of levels. Some may have levels that are extremely difficult, some may finish themselves with no user interaction, and some may have dozens of rings on a single level.

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Neon And Xtreme (50 rounds)

By Moymoy13, posted on

Screenshot of Neon And Xtreme

First set merging Neon with Xtreme, as if it's a 5th Environment. Hope you enjoy all the unique challenges. 50 Levels to play!

50 N/A
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Battle Cards (10 rounds)

By Moymoy13, posted on

Screenshot of Battle Cards

Unique gameplay using cards to battle with an opponent who also uses cards or play around the levels. There may be a lot to remember but the basics are really simple. Enjoy!

10 N/A
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The Reanimated World II (16 rounds)

By Moymoy13, posted on

Screenshot of The Reanimated World II

More visuals and puzzles from the Reanimated World Series. Places to go and views of figures! Have fun with this journey!

16 N/A
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New Year Celebrations - 2019 (20 rounds)

By Moymoy13, posted on

Screenshot of New Year Celebrations - 2019

All levels are to be included in New Year's Level Set. Sadly, not a significant amount of people joined to do a collaboration. This is my contribution.

20 N/A
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Letter Hunting (11 rounds)

By Moymoy13, posted on

Screenshot of Letter Hunting

Like building words? This is what this set is all about! With unique challenges and some visuals. Enjoy!

11 N/A